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Frequently Asked Questions

What insurance is accepted?

We are in network with most insurances including but not limited to BCBS, United Healthcare, Tricare, and Medicare.

Do I need a doctor’s referral?

No, you do not need to obtain a doctor's  referral  in order to attend physical therapy.   Some insurance coverages do require a prescription and we will be happy to assist you with that process.  

What conditions do you treat?

We can treat a variety of conditions including post surgery recovery, pre surgery strengthening, balance issues, carpel tunnel syndrome, pulled or strained muscles, sciatica, back/neck pain, pinched nerves, shoulder pain, BPPV, and arthritic issues. 

How many times a week do I need to attend therapy?

We commonly treat patients 1-3 therapy sessions a week depending on injury and severity.  A plan of care will be established on your first visit and reassessed each session.

Are you a chain of physical therapy clinics?

No, we are a therapist owned orthopedic clinic. We take pride in being a small personable clinic that can create close relationships to our patients, while providing the best care possible.   All employees treating patients are licensed PT's or PTA's.  

Can a family member accompany me to my appointment?

Yes, feel free to bring a family member in order to clarify any concerns or pose questions that either of you may have. 

Should I be sore after a therapy session?

It is not uncommon for patients to experience soreness following a therapy session. However, we do not want  you to be in pain after your sessions. If you are in pain that is more than discomforting, please contact us unless you feel it is an emergency. In the instance of an emergency we urge you to contact your primary care physician.  

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